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Reverse Engineering

Ever since I have been directed to the Strobist blog, I have made a conscious effort to improve my photographic art of portraiture. I have not been trying to emulate his style, but have been working to create my own style based on the example and illustrations he discusses and shows.

I asked my friend to sit for a few portraits so I could practise some of the ideas I have seen on Dave Hobby’s blog and flickr page. We had a great time having chats about arty stuff, photography, things.. A very relaxing time.

This portrait was shot against an off white wall. The purple glow was provided by a 430EX II fitted with a Speedlight Honeycomb snoot gelled Indigo pointed straight at the wall behind him. An SB24 through a shoot through umbrella was used to light his face. A silver reflector was placed camera left to lighten the shadows a little.

I needed to create quite a bit of distance between the umbrella and the wall so there was negligible light cast from the SB24 onto the wall.

After the portraits were taken I enjoyed the most amazing lemon Muffin made by my friend.. awesome!

Above are the set up and lighting diagram illustrations for the portrait..


More High Key

Here is my second approach with a high key portrait, using another light to highlight the background.

The difference between this portrait and my first high key portrait, (apart from the subject) is a light on the background. For this portrait I set my 430EX II at 1/4 power instead of the 1/2 I used on the first one..

Third high key experiment coming soon…