Category: Inspiration

Creative people inspire me! It doesn’t matter what discipline they are exercising their creativity in either. I can be inspired by someone who creates a unique way to solve a maths problem for instance, even though maths has the same effect on me as over boiled brussel sprouts do.. blah.

My year 10 maths teacher was someone who inspired me. He would love to bring me a new maths puzzle every week in the attempt to create a thirst for his passion for maths… fail..

Though it was his passion and creativity that became a major source of inspiration for me.

No… this isn’t my maths teacher from high school.. This is a long time friend of mine who has a fantastic passion and talent for writing. Andrew’s passion for writing also inspires me. We had a great time having chats about art. music, writing.. all sorts of gear.. and in the process, a few portraits..

I loved the challenge of creating a portrait similar to my last post, but with a lot less space. This portrait is a 3 light set up featuring a lastolite ezybox speedlight. Awesome light shaping capabilities, though I can’t wait to experiment further with it. Andrew is very comfortable in front of the camera, which also made the whole process very easy.

By the way, I’ll keep you posted with updates of Andrew’s short stories that will be coming out soon.. Looking forward to grabbing my own copy!


Bottoms up!

Ooh yeah!

I think that a good cup of coffee has the power, not only to wake up, but to inspire.

I’ve been tirelessly working on my ability to make a fabulous cup of coffee, just as much as I have been working on my ability to create a fantastic portrait.

I admire how effortlessly the top baristas create a magnificent ‘cup of joe‘, and also their joy when seeing the elated expression their coffee brings when tasted.

I’ve been witness to amazing latte art, and I must admit my guilt at seeing their work destroyed as I consume their effortless creation.

The two best coffee shops (imo) areĀ The Coffee Barun and Bar 9.

These guys who run these coffee shops are masters of their art, and I’m always willing to invest some quality enjoyment in their wares.

Still.. I am keen to pursue a level of competency in my barista skills to I and others can enjoy the fruits of my labour.

However I have far to go..

My attempts to create illustrious, awe-inspiring, passion invoking latte art has perhaps achieved what some would call, a Freudian level of maturity. Perhaps it’s the inspiration of a particular Gustav Klimt painting.

I have no idea.. It is however quite disconcerting..

In any case, bottoms up!