How did a camera ever become integrated into a mobile phone?

I’ve been thinking about how much I use my mobile, my magic mouse and the camera phone.. I find that at work, the times I don’t have the mouse in my hand is when I’m on the phone.. and it turns out I don’t use my camera phone at all.. So, I think it would be far more practical to integrate my mouse with my phone.

I’d call it the iMouse!

Just think of the benefits..

You could be working on your computer and with the onset of a call, just lift your iMouse to your ear.. too easy..


You’re at a coffee shop and decide to pull out your MacBook Pro to do some work. You just put down your iMouse phone and voilĂ , it instantly becomes your mouse.. awesome!

..and.. because it’s connected via bluetooth, all the updates, itunes, emails.. etc.. are automatically linked and updated as you work..

And by incorporating the new technology of the magic mouse, (check out how cool this mouse is here) you could still be scrolling and clicking while you are speaking to the person on the other end of your iMouse.

(Shot with my 430 EXII through a large diffuser camera right, SB 24 through a Lumiquest Softbox III camera left. Hand provided by Joe.. Idea supplied by late night pizza, many phone calls while on the computer, the desire to actually own an iPhone …and probably loads of coffee..)

please note… this isn’t a real phone..