I’m still recovering from the other night…

I was flicking through channels on Saturday night and came upon one of my all time favourite Clint Eastwood movies, ‘Pale Rider‘.  I caught it just before midnight having missed some of the beginning, but stayed up watching it until 1.30 or something. I love how he is accepted into the harassed small mining community as a preacher, but comes out later as a gun fighter that nails a corrupt marshall and his six deputy’s.

Clint is out gunned, out numbered, out resourced, and still comes out on top because the outcome is determined by his skill.. cool.

I’ve had the Canon EOS 7d for over a month now, and yes, there are other Canon cameras that can outclass it, out price it and maybe even out-spec it (though hard pressed that may be) You can read all about the specs here at dpreview.com. and the review here.

Ok, so I’ve read a stack load of reviews on the 7d and and the flickr forums. I’ve noticed that many people were struggling with the focus or clarity of the images they were getting. I do admit that the camera has provided a huge learning curve from my 400d, and without the continual reviewing of the manual, would find the camera hard to operate.

I primarily take portraits, and have found the 7d to be a dream to use!

My first impressions, and the reason for the upgrade, was how amazing the AF is.  It’s hugely responsive and effectively customisable. Spot focus is incredible and very useful for getting eyes in super clarity.

I have also been hugely impressed with the colour information within the images. My portraits carry more depth and don’t look so washed out as from the 400d. (my first DSLR) The raw files are a dream to work on in photoshop. The 18mp sensor allows me to crop hard and still find incredible detail in post processing.

The speed of 8fps is absolutely awesome to capture my kids on the move, and the IQ of the camera, allows me to track and keep focus on them even with other interferences popping in and out of the frame.

I’ve also had a bit of a play with the camera’s ability to control my 430EXII remotely and love the results. Using the 430EXII as key light and the pop up flash as fill works very well.

I’ve also been appreciating the 100% view finder. When composing on the 400d I assumed some leeway when composing my shots as the viewfinder was only giving me 95% coverage. I found I had lost ears and hair with the 7d as I was still mentally composing with 95% coverage and not 100%.. (noob)

The camera is awesome, and am loving the images I’m getting with it. It feels ‘right’ in my hand with the battery grip and I love the added weight. Sure, if I had heaps of money I could get the Canon 1d mark IV or the 5d mark II, but for me this camera is perfect.

After all, doesn’t it all come down to the shooter?