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Creative people inspire me! It doesn’t matter what discipline they are exercising their creativity in either. I can be inspired by someone who creates a unique way to solve a maths problem for instance, even though maths has the same effect on me as over boiled brussel sprouts do.. blah.

My year 10 maths teacher was someone who inspired me. He would love to bring me a new maths puzzle every week in the attempt to create a thirst for his passion for maths… fail..

Though it was his passion and creativity that became a major source of inspiration for me.

No… this isn’t my maths teacher from high school.. This is a long time friend of mine who has a fantastic passion and talent for writing. Andrew’s passion for writing also inspires me. We had a great time having chats about art. music, writing.. all sorts of gear.. and in the process, a few portraits..

I loved the challenge of creating a portrait similar to my last post, but with a lot less space. This portrait is a 3 light set up featuring a lastolite ezybox speedlight. Awesome light shaping capabilities, though I can’t wait to experiment further with it. Andrew is very comfortable in front of the camera, which also made the whole process very easy.

By the way, I’ll keep you posted with updates of Andrew’s short stories that will be coming out soon.. Looking forward to grabbing my own copy!


Bare Minimum

Any opportunity to take someone’s portrait is a good opportunity.

With very little time, and no daylight, I set up two lights on light stands, and triggered them bare using the room to act as a large light tent.

The room was essentially a small box shape, allowing me to place a SB24 at camera right facing toward the corner wall. The other light, an 430EX II, was similarly placed in the corner at camera left.

Thinking over the situation again, I would have placed another light to light up the underside of the piano and back wall… next time..

I powered the  SB24 at full power providing more of a key, with the 430EX II was at 1/2.

This is the same couple with just the SB24 firing…

I really like the contrast in this photo. My ‘arty’ side loves the Rembrandt lighting. Though as a portrait, perhaps not quite as suitable.

Here is the light diagram for the above portrait.