Oooh yeah!

These tasted absolutely awesome! A friend of mine has a small business making cupcakes, and I was very lucky to take some photos of her work. I really liked the bold colours and in particular the taste!

I don’t have a light tent, so I tried to emulate the effect by bringing in my lights as tight as possible. I set up both my SB24’s through umbrella’s and had them above both left and right above at around 50 degrees to the table. I placed my 430EX II fitted with a Lumiquest Softbox III directly above.

I placed the cupcakes on the diffuser insert of my 5 in 1 reflector, which lightened the bases a fraction. In some cases I added some A4 paper folded into triangles to bring in more light to the cupcake base.

The cupcakes taste fantastic, and really looked amazing! For more information and a look at some other of Sandra’s work, head over to Cupcake Corner here.

.. just posting this brings back the cupcake crave..