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Less is more?

Not when my kids are getting dessert!

Thought I’d try out a high key portrait. Once again my daughter was briefly interested, allowing me a precious couple of minutes to take her portrait.

All I used for this portrait was my 430EX II through an umbrella and two reflectors.

I did think about blowing out the background to recreate a ‘true’ high key portrait, but I like the depth the grey background creates.

One thing I need to remember is to make sure that her white top doesn’t create any shadows around the neck.. next time..

The lighting diagram for the above portrait…


A Happy Balance

For some reason this title reminds me of the “Pushmi-Pullyu“, a mythical animal mentioned in the Doctor Dolittle books by Hugh Lofting. I used to love reading those books, and The Pushmi-Pullyu was my favourite animal. …Just thought I’d mention it..

It’s getting rarer capturing my son’s portrait, so any opportunity is a good opportunity. The time I’m given is just a few frames, so I’ve got to get it right very quickly.

This being my first frame, I had the hair light too strong, an SB24 set at 1/4 through a Lumiquest Soft Box III (high and above), with my 430 also at 1/4 through an umbrella.

The overall shot feels warm, almost natural light to me which grabbed my attention.

I had talked about composition, and in particular the Golden Mean, in our local Camera Club, and decided to place his (camera) right eye right on the Golden Mean Focal point.

Apart from the crop, I ran the file through Photoshop CS4 with some dodge and burn, curves and sharpening through LAB on the lightness layer.

Actually, I can still see some remnants of dinner on his cheek..